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Your full service pool, spa maintenance and cleaning company!

At Austin Cool Pools you are sure to get top-quality pool cleaning services. We are a family-owned and operated business and we are anxious to extend our services to you. We take pride in providing consistent, friendly, and honest service to all of our new and loyal customers. Services are performed weekly to ensure your complete satisfaction. Our top priorities are your pool, equipment and your safety.

At Austin Cool Pools provides swimming pool cleaning service and maintenance in the Greater Austin area. Our services include weekly swimming pool service (described below), swimming pool chemical delivery, one-time swimming pool cleaning and inspections, pool filter cleaning, pool filter cartridge replacements, new pool start-up, pool vacation service, automatic pool cleaner parts and repair, pool supplies and special cleaning for special occasions.

Our complete weekly package includes the following:

  • Water is analyzed and all chemicals balanced
  • Check chemical levels and partial clean screened pools
  • Check for safe water level
  • Skim the surface for foreign debris
  • Clean out your strainer and skimmer basket(s)
  • Brush your pool walls, tile and floor as needed
  • Blow off the deck any dirt, leafs or grass
  • Inspect your pump and other pool equipment
  • Schedule and clean filters as needed
  • Schedule and clean Chlorine generators
  • Honest and reliable service
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